Winifred Brown was a celebrated aviator of the 1920s and 30s most notably winning the prestigious King’s Cup Race around England in 1930. She was already a County tennis player, an enthusiastic hockey goal-keeper (she toured Australia as part of the England team in 1927) and an early ice-hockey player. However it was flying that made her a national celebrity.

In 1932 she persuaded her mother Elsie to take a Booth’s Line cruise from Liverpool to Manaus, about 1000 miles up the Amazon. It was a regular voyage, getting as far up the river as an ocean-going ship sensibly could, but Winifred decided that, while her mother would return from Manaus, she would continue to Peru and attempt to get a flight across the Andes. They would be accompanied by Ron Adams, Win’s boy-friend, lover, fiancé, companion and navigator on many of her exploits. The three of them set off in February 1933.

A typescript describing their adventures was discovered while researching Win’s biography. Never before published and a treat for Winifred fans, characteristically quirky and a piece from an earlier age.

ISBN 978-0-9575549-5-5


"Thursday nights and Sundays are gala days in Iquitos, and really great occasions. On these days the town’s one and only  “tram” turns out. An ancient steam-engine drawing two dilapidated open trucks, puffing, snorting, and rattling up the main street, the passengers pitching and lurching in every direction. Whenever it begins to wheeze, the driver throws another log to the fire and off it clatters again. The  “tram” has but two speeds,  “full out”, and  “stop”. Consequently the corners are a great peril, but the delighted inhabitants never fail to take a ride, some remaining in the trucks throughout the evening. The price of a ride round the block costs the equivalent of a one penny. The inhabitants’ “last” ride however is more costly, the tram being the only means of conveying them to the cemetery!"

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